Southeastern Massachusetts Bioreserve

The Southeastern Massachusetts Bioreserve will protect and preserve a large area containing multiple eco-systems of statewide importance. Land acquisition is not yet complete and the Bioreserve needs supporters and advocates to ensure this innovative concept becomes a reality. As suburban sprawl and continued growth accelerates in the cities and towns of Bristol County, the Southeastern Massachusetts Bioreserve will be the last refuge for thousands of species of plants and animals that call this southeastern corner of Massachusetts home. Fragmentation of natural communities, destruction of habitats, and loss of species are happening right now, as you're reading this, throughout this area.

The Bioreserve will be managed cooperatively by the Massachusetts Office of Environmental Affairs; Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management; Massachusetts Department of Fish, Wildlife and Environmental Law Enforcement; and the Trustees of Reservations. Their management goals will focus on Maintaining, enhancing, and restoring the Bioreserve's biological diversity and ensuring its ecological integrity.

The Southeastern Massachusetts Bioreserve will not only protect native species of flora and fauna, but also help safeguard a regional water supply and critical aquifer recharge areas, help clean our air, and ensure aesthetically pleasing open space important to the "quality of life" in area communities.

The Southeastern Massachusetts Bioreserve will also provide additional opportunities for four season outdoor recreation, for increasing numbers of outdoor enthusiasts, compatible with Bioreserve goals.